Best pregnancy body pillow

The beauty of pregnancy is overruled by the pain, and discomfort you go through trying to get a good night’s sleep. There is a solution to this discomfort in a pregnancy body pillow which supports your body and protruding belly so that you can sleep soundly. The problem is that there are quite a few pillows available that you may need these tips to find the best pregnancy body pillow for yourself.

Pillow types

Maternity pillows come in various shapes and sizes to suit your sleeping position and body requirements.

  • The wedge pillow smoothly slides under the body part needing support like back or belly. These pillows are the cheapest, smallest and most portable options but you can’t sleep only with it. You still need your normal pillow under your head.

However they don’t take up as much space as full body pillows as they support only the body part needing support. Being a cheaper option, they are better for pregnant women who don’t want to spend much on maternity pillows.

  • The full-length pillow is straight and as long as your body. They replace your head pillow as they are so long and you can snuggle with it through the night.
  • The total body pillow is about 5 ft. long and wraps around your entire body hugging you from front and back. They replace all of your pillows and come in C and U shapes, to take up all your bed space.

The C-shaped pillow supports your entire body with its lower end coming in between your legs and the middle portion going under your vertebrae to relieve spinal pressure because of your baby’s weight on the belly. Its top part comes under your head to support your neck and shoulders.

The U-shaped pillows are curved from both sides to give main full balance to your body from the front and back side. They are perfect for mothers who sleep on their backs as sleeping on the back puts pressure on the belly. The pillow helps by providing support to both sides while sleeping.


Pregnancy pillows come in various fillings:

  • Micro beads are very light, feel like sand and are easy to move around.
  • Memory foam is another firmer and more expensive option which is rather warm, unless shredded.
  • Some pillows have the same cheap Styrofoam balls used in bean bags as filling which adapts well to your body but is noisy.
  • Those with polyester fibre filling are super soft and quiet but not so breathable.
  • Cover-

    As you will be using the pillow regularly, a pregnancy body pillow with a removable cover is better as it can be washed as needed.

  • Size-

    As some of these pillows are rather large, look for a pillow which gives you the required support without making your bed partner feel the pillow has replaced them. King sized beds easily support you, your pattern and the pregnancy body pillow.

Looking at all this, the ideal pregnancy body pillow is the full length ones with a removable cover, which wrap around your body to provide optimal support to your back, knees and belly.